How You Can Help

A project like this can not happen without the support of the community and individuals like you. We are open to any form of help you may wish to offer.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Financial Donations (Large or Small),
  • Donation of Goods or Services used in the construction, upkeep, or maintenance of our first class facility.
  • Potential resources to aid in any aspect or phase of the project,
  • Potential knowledge you may have that you feel would be beneficial to the goals of the project.

Please reach out to to discuss how you can help!


While we may be rivals on the ice, Affton Hockey and Chesterfield Hockey share a common goal - to provide outstanding youth hockey programs to our respective communities. As we move forward with plans to build a new hockey facility for Affton Hockey, we fully support Chesterfield Hockey’s efforts to do the same for their club. The growth of hockey and other ice sports in St. Louis benefits, not only the participants, but the St. Louis community as a whole.

Mike Croghan
Affton Americans Hockey

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